The rules and regulations listed below briefly describes all of our key requirements that you must follow and are immediately applied to everyone using our website. We are dedicated to making a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Last updated: 7th February, 2024


MakesMoney reserves the rights to update and change this agreement at any time. Make sure to review this page from time to time.


1.0 - No Duplicated Accounts

To maintain the integrity of our platform and prevent fraudulent activities, users are strictly limited to a single account. Any associated duplicate accounts may be disabled as a result of mass account creation or there might be difficulties with the service.

1.1 - Prohibition of Illegal Software Usage

The use of illegal software, including but not limited to malicious scripts, bots, auto-click programs, and other forms of illicit automation, is strictly prohibited. Engaging in activities such as generating automated views, clicks, or conversions through electronic means, such as internet bots or web robots ("Bots"), or employing misleading practices like repeated manual clicks to artificially inflate user activity and revenues while using our Services, is strictly forbidden. Exploiting software bugs is also prohibited. We encourage users to report any bugs, issues, or concerns to us.

1.2 - No Use of VPNs and Proxies

Users are not permitted to use virtual private network ("VPN"), proxy, or any other means to obscure the true source of traffic while using our Services.

1.3 - Account Sharing and Selling

User accounts are intended for personal use only and may not be shared or sold to third parties for the purpose of simulating increased activity or any other reason.

1.4 - Real-Life Rewards and Loyalty Points

MakesMoney offers loyalty points, referred to as "Coins," as virtual currency for various activities. This includes completing tasks, participating in surveys, playing games, and more. MakesMoney is not responsible for lost, stolen, or refunded rewards. We strictly monitor accounts to prevent fraudulent activities and transactions.

1.5 - Referral System Policy

We do not allow the abuse of the Referral Program We reserve the right to take appropriate actions, including deducting all accumulated "Coins," and reject rewards. Do not create multiple accounts to exploit our Referral Program. You are not allowed to invite friends, for the sole purpose to abuse the system and earn coins. We do not pay rewards for inactive users. We may further delay transactions, caused by referral invites, if we believe your followers are inactive/joined for the purpose to only reward you.

1.6 - Chargebacks and Advertisers' Risk Policy

MakesMoney reserves the right to take measures to protect its legitimate rights in cases of frequent chargebacks from completed Offerwall Offers, Surveys or if there is any risk to our partners.


Any attempt to violate our policies, fraud, cheat in anyway will result in suspension of your account and rejection of all rewards.